Interview with KUT Austin

Dole Fruit Cocktail, San Francisco, 1965 © Baron Wolman

There have been many, many interviews during the Cosmic World Tour. This searching conversation with David Brown at local station KUT took place before Baron’s appearance at the Texas Book Festival and is one of the most comprehensive yet. Covering many topics from being paid to shoot fruit before Rolling Stone, and how the magazine was the first publication for candid photographs of the musicians exploding at the time.

James Brown

James Brown, San Francisco, 1970

“In 1970, I had to shoot a James Brown New Year’s Eve concert, that is, once I finally made it through his multiple layers of security. He had more security than I had ever seen; everybody checked me out, “What are you doing here? Does James know about this?” Big black guys made me very aware of being a small white guy. But once they approved you, once they brought you in with the “family,” they left you alone, you could shoot what you wanted, and you were golden.”