What A Year!

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Baron here sending warm holiday greetings from the high desert in Santa Fe, New Mexico, to all my friends, old and new, and, of course, to the many musicians who posed for me over the years and thereby helped define my career and make “The Rolling Stone Years” the success it has been.

If it weren’t for the talent of the musicians there would be no music, no music photographers and no music photos; for all of you I am eternally grateful. I traveled the world in 2011, meeting so many amazing people and sharing stories from my book. It was a privilege and an honor to be among all of you, and I remember you all with great affection.

From Moscow to Sydney, from New York to San Francisco, from Austin to London, this has been one helluva year…!!! I am told the book is pretty much sold out in the stores, and who knows if the publisher will reprint. I still have a few copies of the Premium and Limited edition available directly from me; if you were hoping to add a copy to your library, I’d say that now is the time.

So, as the holidays come upon us and the end of the year nears, let me send you all greetings of the season with hope that 2012 brings our land and our planet greater joy, more peace, and endless generosity of spirit toward one another. Yes, it’s only rock and roll, but we love it. And I send that love to all of you…

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With my 2011 Classic Rock VIP Award!

Time To Buy

Good night and good luck…

OK, so I’m not Edward R. Murrow but I’ve been on TV and this book sure has brought me good luck. I’ve met some wonderful people on my ‘world tour,’ seen new places, eaten some tasty food, signed hundreds of books, and blushed too many times at the words of admiration for the photos and my life as a music photographer. I still say, “I was just another guy with a camera.” Sure! A very very lucky guy. Lucky to have been in the right place at the right time, and to have taken advantage of that singular opportunity.

However, a review of the past few months is not the point of the communiqué. Rather it is to alert you that there are less than 50 copies remaining each of both the Premium and Limited editions of “The Rolling Stone Years.” Only 600 copies of the Premium and 150 copies of the Limited editions were produced, and when they are gone they are gone forever.

As you probably know, the only way to purchase a copy is through me and this website (as well as from a few photo galleries which exhibit and sell my prints). So, if you have been considering adding a copy of “The Rolling Stone Years” to your library, now is the time.

The Premium edition is $60 plus shipping. The Limited edition which includes a signed and numbered 8×10 silver gelatin print of Jimi Hendrix, is $350. Shipping is free. Click here to buy your copy now.

No whining when the books are sold out, you can’t say I didn’t warn you.

ABC Takes Baron to the Haight

So if YOU were in San Francisco and Baron Wolman was coming to town promote his book, wouldn’t YOU interview him at the site of Baron’s first-ever assignment for Rolling Stone and where he made his famous photograph of the Grateful Dead, the one he calls “Dead on the Steps?”

Live in San Francisco

Baron went home to the land of Joplin and the Dead this past weekend to celebrate his book. Here’s a great little interview about whom he shot and where.

We recommend buying your own copy in order to enjoy all the stories – it’s much more than just a picture book, it’s the stories behind the photos, the story of the very beginning of Rolling Stone Magazine, and, we are running low so please, place your order.

Cosmic Book Tour Continues

Lawrence, Kansas

In Corte Madera on Sunday, December 4th, and in San Francisco on Monday the 5th, Baron will be signing copies of the retail edition of the book – a rare chance to get this edition signed, and in time for the holiday season. At San Francisco’s Osha Thai Lounge, they will be celebrating both Baron’s book as well as the birthday of the king of Thailand. It will be an extra special party!

Here’s what people are saying about The Rolling Stone Years:

“If you love Rock & Roll, Baron Wolman’s incredible chronicle of his days as the first photographer for Rolling Stone Magazine is a MUST.”

“What a treat this book is! You’ve seen many of these photographs before, but may not have known who took them. When you see them all together in one book, you’ll appreciate the incredible talent of Baron Wolman.”

“As it goes for books related to photographs of iconic figures in rock and roll history, believe me when I say I know what I’m talking about. I work around images like this every day, taken by some of the greatest photographers of musicians in both the past and present. Baron’s work here is truly incredible and worthy of any gallery.”

“Currently on a world tour, I would recommend checking out Baron’s website to see if he will be near your town. In person, he is a real down to earth, nice guy to talk to about these photos.”

“The man is my hero!”

If you can’t make it to one of the stops on the tour, you can still place an order soon and avoid disappointing your loved ones this holiday season. Supplement your order with our unique Tour T Shirt; wear it on Christmas/Chanukah/Do Nothing Day, send us a photo and we’ll put it here in the blog!

Santa Fe, New Mexico

London, England