What A Year!

© Anna Webber

Baron here sending warm holiday greetings from the high desert in Santa Fe, New Mexico, to all my friends, old and new, and, of course, to the many musicians who posed for me over the years and thereby helped define my career and make “The Rolling Stone Years” the success it has been.

If it weren’t for the talent of the musicians there would be no music, no music photographers and no music photos; for all of you I am eternally grateful. I traveled the world in 2011, meeting so many amazing people and sharing stories from my book. It was a privilege and an honor to be among all of you, and I remember you all with great affection.

From Moscow to Sydney, from New York to San Francisco, from Austin to London, this has been one helluva year…!!! I am told the book is pretty much sold out in the stores, and who knows if the publisher will reprint. I still have a few copies of the Premium and Limited edition available directly from me; if you were hoping to add a copy to your library, I’d say that now is the time.

So, as the holidays come upon us and the end of the year nears, let me send you all greetings of the season with hope that 2012 brings our land and our planet greater joy, more peace, and endless generosity of spirit toward one another. Yes, it’s only rock and roll, but we love it. And I send that love to all of you…

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With my 2011 Classic Rock VIP Award!