There’s Nothing Like a Dose of Luxury

Baron filed his final update from Spain. I asked if the hotel was paying him to speak so highly of them, Baron said “absolutely not” and added that he would be happy to partake again of their hospitality whenever they ask!

“I arrived at the St. Regis Mardavall Resort weakened and nursing a bad case of stomach flu; I could not have chosen a better place in which to recuperate. My room itself was an oasis of peace and tranquility, from the bed to the furnishings to the view. There is something to be said for luxury properties – higher rates result in noticeable quality everywhere. The construction and its materials, exterior and interior, are all superb, no little detail is overlooked. If my own five star hotel (as I call my home) were only so wonderful. I don’t often frequent international resort hotels; I am still learning to relax. But if this is an example of how to unwind, it’s clear I’ve been missing something. For the most part, the staff at the Mardavall is multi-lingual; no worry that a guest’s request will be misunderstood. How can it be that everybody here seems to be so happy and welcoming, enjoying their opportunity to be of service? Service has long seemed to be a dying art, much less service with a smile.

I was a guest of the hotel for the opening of an improbable but unique rock & roll photo show in which some of my work was displayed. The thinking was that the guests of the Mardavall who can now afford a rather lavish vacation are also those for whom rock music was a part of their younger lives. These folks might well respond emotionally to such a terrific collection of quality and often historically important music images, and, in fact, might also want to bring one home with them as an unexpected memento of their 2012 holiday on Mallorca. Thanks to Mark Robinow for making it all happen.”

All images © Baron Wolman