Rock Paper Photo

Here I am, Baron’s East Coast correspondent, attending the launch party for Rock Paper Photo, a new place on the web to buy incredible music photographs, not least of all this silver gelatin limited edition of Jimi Hendrix. As you can see, we have a rather fetching T shirt available that features the cover of ‘The Rolling Stone Years’, with Baron’s World Tour dates on the back. Order yours now, along with your book and print, and you’ll have a rather nice set!

Every Picture Tells A Story

Photographing Jann Wenner, San Francisco, 1968

“Every Picture Tells A Story – Baron Wolman, The Rolling Stone Years.” Its 176 pages are filled with photos and text. Some of the photos have never been seen; none of the words have ever been read – other than by me and the editors, of course. It’s a picture book with text, the stories behind the photos. For years I’ve been asked to talk about the photos, how they came to be, what happened on assignment at the various shoots. This book will answer those questions and more. I and my camera were fortunate to be around at a seminal time in the history of our country and the music business. The book is my “thank you” for the privilege.