The Rolling Stones Stage

View from the audience, The Rolling Stones, Day On The Green, Oakland Coliseum, CA, 1978.

On photographing the Stones at Day On The Green, Baron says in the book “The ‘big lips’ that comprised the set of the July 1978 concert were allegedly a birthday present from Bill (Graham) to the Stones, to Jagger, in particular. Mick was born on July 26, the date of the concert.For the record, this was the line-up for the day: Peter Tosh, Eddie Money, Santana, and The Rolling Stones. Not a bad afternoon of music. Ticket price: $12.50…!!!”

The Rolling Stones

Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, Day On The Green, Oakland Coliseum, CA, 1978

Publicity for the new book gathers momentum – not moss – and we’re enjoying great press coverage. Baron sold out of books to sign in Cleveland last week and we expect the same in LA tonight! Meanwhile ‘Shortlist’ magazine in the UK describes Baron’s book as “A must-have artefact from rock’s golden age.”