Rock Paper Photo at Photoville


Setting up before the rain, Friday June 23rd, Brooklyn. Courtesy of Rock Paper Photo

Photoville opened this past, steamy weekend in Brooklyn, NY. The festival features some 30 shipping containers showing mini-exhibitions curated by some great people and organizations, with photographs hung using various creative methods. The other rather wonderful element is the quality of talks and presentations being hosted. I will be one of the talkers this coming weekend, on June 30th, where I am thrilled to be hosted by Rock Paper Photo with my long-term colleague and dear friend, consultant and curator Julie Grahame, and shorter-term pal, the young and lovely music photographer Anna Webber. Join us at 1.30 pm for “Beyond the Picture: The Art of Selling Music Photography” What does it take for music and entertainment photographers to successfully market and sell their work?

Photoville and all the talks are FREE so come on over to Brooklyn Bridge Park. We’ll see you on Saturday!


“Blinded By The Light” Rock Paper Photo’s container, packed with great music photography.


From Biggie and Tupac… (by Chi Modu)


…to Hendrix and Joplin (by Baron Wolman) All images Courtesy of Rock Paper Photo

There’s Nothing Like a Dose of Luxury

Baron filed his final update from Spain. I asked if the hotel was paying him to speak so highly of them, Baron said “absolutely not” and added that he would be happy to partake again of their hospitality whenever they ask!

“I arrived at the St. Regis Mardavall Resort weakened and nursing a bad case of stomach flu; I could not have chosen a better place in which to recuperate. My room itself was an oasis of peace and tranquility, from the bed to the furnishings to the view. There is something to be said for luxury properties – higher rates result in noticeable quality everywhere. The construction and its materials, exterior and interior, are all superb, no little detail is overlooked. If my own five star hotel (as I call my home) were only so wonderful. I don’t often frequent international resort hotels; I am still learning to relax. But if this is an example of how to unwind, it’s clear I’ve been missing something. For the most part, the staff at the Mardavall is multi-lingual; no worry that a guest’s request will be misunderstood. How can it be that everybody here seems to be so happy and welcoming, enjoying their opportunity to be of service? Service has long seemed to be a dying art, much less service with a smile.

I was a guest of the hotel for the opening of an improbable but unique rock & roll photo show in which some of my work was displayed. The thinking was that the guests of the Mardavall who can now afford a rather lavish vacation are also those for whom rock music was a part of their younger lives. These folks might well respond emotionally to such a terrific collection of quality and often historically important music images, and, in fact, might also want to bring one home with them as an unexpected memento of their 2012 holiday on Mallorca. Thanks to Mark Robinow for making it all happen.”

All images © Baron Wolman

Cosmic World Book Tour, Spain: Madrid update

Here’s an update from Baron from Madrid Foto: “It is an interesting collection of images on exhibit at Madrid Foto, a few of which I found fascinating, as did the woman in blue who was viewing the large picture of the opera house. I had an interview with another major Madrid newspaper – there are still several published here – and watch attentively as Daniel Miller (next to the pole) negotiated a print sale.”

“Of course, I fell in love with the ticket taker but naturally was rebuffed. Too often these days I am reminded of my age and the many liabilities that come with these high numbers.”

Cosmic World Book Tour, Spain

Baron obliges a young fan at the Duncan Miller Gallery early on in the Cosmic World Book Tour

Baron is heading to Spain! After Duncan Miller‘s “American Icons” exhibition, June 8-10, Baron will head to Ibiza to give his now-famous audio-visual presentation, as well as signing The Rolling Stone Years book, and selling prints. Events take place at the Pike Hotel and Baron will be there from June 11-15.

Then it’s a short hop to Mallorca for Mark Robinow‘s exhibit, “A-wop-bop-a-loo-bop a-lop-bam-boom, Six Decades of Rock ‘n’ Roll” at the St. Regis Mardavall where Baron will also be selling prints and signing books. ¡únete a nosotros!

Levon Helm

Levon Helm and Rick Danko, The Band, Winterland, San Francisco, 1969 © Baron Wolman

The death of Levon Helm was a sad loss; cancer has taken too many luminaries this year.

In The Rolling Stone Years book, Baron talks about photographing at Winterland in 1969:

“When I photographed The Band in performance on Winterland’s big stage it was virtually impossible to get the entire group into a single frame. I tried from a variety of angles but somehow the five of them were never arranged in such a way that I could fit them all into a good photo at one time. At the larger venues live photography presented considerable challenges, much different from shooting at the smaller clubs.”

Jimmy Page Guitars

Jimmy Page’s “heavy artillery,” Led Zeppelin, Day On The Green, Oakland Coliseum, CA, 1977

“I myself didn’t realize that this line-up of guitars belonged to the illustrious guitarist Jimmy Page. Embarrassingly, I didn’t even know that much about Led Zeppelin when I photographed them. I simply liked that they were a hugely photogenic band; to me that counted for a lot.” Baron Wolman, The Rolling Stone Years.

This brilliant color photograph of Jimmy Page’s guitars on-stage in 1977 is newly available, strictly limited in an edition of 50 prints. Each 16″ x 20″ fine art photographic print is individually numbered and has been hand-signed by both Jimmy Page and Baron Wolman!

Head over to for more details on owning one of these limited edition, highly collectible photographs.

© Dave Brolan

Rolling Stone Cover, Brazil

The cover of the Brazil edition of Rolling Stone Magazine, featuring Baron Wolman’s book, the ‘Rolling Stone Years: Every Picture Tells a Story.’ This photograph of Jimi Hendrix is the perfect archetype.

The magazine cover includes the photo of Mick Jagger on the set of ‘Performance’ in London, 1969; a photo of Jim Morrison taken in 1967 in San Francisco; Janis Joplin at her ‘Concert for One’ held in Baron’s studio; the classic Pete Townshend photo – Baron paid tribute to Pete when Baron received his Classic Rock VIP Award last year; plus Bob Dylan, and Jimmy Page. All these photographs are in the book, and prints are available.

The Allman Brothers Are Born


L to R: Berry Oakley, Duane Allman, Dickey Betts, Butch Trucks, Jaimoe Johanson, Gregg Allman, Phil Walden

Baron recently received a phone call from a picture editor asking about his 1969 panoramic photograph of the Allman Brothers in a Macon, Georgia, recording studio. In March of that year while on assignment for Rolling Stone, Baron had indeed photographed the band during its first week of rehearsals together as the six piece group that manager/promoter Phil Walden helped launch. But Baron didn’t even have a panoramic camera at the time. It turned out that Phil Walden had created his own ‘panoramic’ by framing together the two prints Baron had given him. In March 2012, more than forty years later, this rendition of the Allman Brothers panoramic photo was created, a very limited edition, historically significant, print which you now have the opportunity to own.

Editions are available as follows:
24×16 inches, edition of 75
44×24 inches, edition of 15

Click here to inquire.

Govinda Gallery & Columbus Museum

Director of Development Donna Atkins, Curator of Education Abbie Edens, Curator of Collections and Exhibitions Kristen Miller Zohn, and Guest Curator Chris Murray with Baron’s photograph of Janis Joplin.

‘Sound and Vision: Monumental Rock & Roll Photography’ just opened in Columbus, Georgia. Our friends at Govinda Gallery “…have been working for several years developing this touring exhibition with the Columbus Museum. This exhibition represents much of our work championing significant photographs documenting rock & roll, hip hop, and blues music.”

Baron has photographs of Janis Joplin and Mick Jagger in the show and says “it is a really terrific and unpretentious exhibit which celebrates the power and quality of the images, an exhibit of which I’m very proud to be a part.” See Govinda for details.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Baron wishes you all a beautiful Valentine’s Day. The rest of us will never know how many of the lovely women that Baron photographed were also his Valentine… we can but fantasize.

Meanwhile… where else are you gonna get an original signed and numbered silver gelatin print by Baron Wolman for the ridiculously low price of $350? And get a limited edition copy of The Rolling Stone Years in the bargain? And get free shipping? Only right here! Email us to get yours before they’re all gone, baby.