“Listening to You, I Get the Music”

Announcing the featured band for Week 5 of our 10 Great Weeks + 10 Great Musicians + Giveaways Galore Offer.

Who other than….The Who!

We are half way through our ten week campaign and since you probably already know the amazing deal we’re offering, we’ll spare you all the nitty-gritty details this week. But…if you don’t know about our Giveaways Galore offer, you should definitely check it all out here.

“Listening to you, I get the music.
Gazing at you, I get the heat.
Following you, I climb the mountain,
I get excitement at your feet.”

We’re truly excited to be giving away so many bonuses in this great offer! Share in the excitement and buy a print!

Pete Townshend The Who Baron Wolman

Classic Rock Award

Baron Wolman pre-camera-smashing, with Ross Halfin (l) and Gene Simmons © Horie Kazuy

We are unbelievably proud to announce that Baron Wolman received a VIP Award at Classic Rock Mag’s annual ceremony tonight. Baron received his award from fellow rock photographer and old pal, Ross Halfin.

According to Dave Brolan, with whom Baron has had a wonderful long working friendship, in his acceptance speech Baron said he couldn’t understand how Pete could smash his guitar, but saw how great he looked and that he’s always wanted to do it. So he threw a camera onto the stage and it smashed… the place went wild, Pete came over and said “Well done!” and that he’d always liked his photos. They hugged & posed for pictures.  This is how rock history is made!

Round-up of the winners on the BBC.

Baron Wolman with Pete Townshend, Classic Rock Awards, London, November 8, 2011 © Ross Halfin

The Who Recording Tommy

The Who with Kit Lambert recording Tommy, IBC Studios, London, 1968

This book is packed full of behind-the-scenes gems. Here we find Baron in the studio while The Who record what will become the album ‘Tommy’. It’s 1968, Baron’s photographing George Harrison on this trip and it’s after this session with the Who that he went to visit Mick Jagger on the set of ‘Performance’.

Going Like Hot Cakes

Smoke bomb found on stage after the show, The Who, San Francisco, 1967

Baron is blowing up! News is just in from Amazon that the book has leaped 20,000 places up the ranks over night; it is also now #1 in Photojournalism, #1 in Portraits.

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