Cosmic World Book Tour In LA

Continuing the Cosmic World Book Tour in Los Angeles, Klara, one of Baron’s fans, cozies up to the chief, no doubt elated by her purchase of a signed copy or two of “The Rolling Stone Years.” You, too, can touch Baron, just keep an eye on our tour dates!

This shot was taken with the Instax Mini, Fuji’s great little instant camera. Baron scanned the print himself.

Jim Marshall

Jim Marshall, Oakland, 1970

One night at Newport, Jim and I were both shooting at an outdoor stage. It was crystal clear with a full bright moon hanging overhead, a perfect summer night, a night I’ll never forget. I looked up and said, “Jim, think about it. Those mother-fuckers are walking on the moon right now while we’re shooting this concert. It was July 20, 1969 and Neil Armstrong was up there in the sky talking about “one small step for man…” Had you asked Jim, he would have told you how time suddenly stood still for us and what an amazing moment that was.”

Being Busy B

Message from Baron’s HQ:

Apologies to those who ordered books in Cleveland and haven’t received them yet. Baron will be back at his desk and will take care of your orders tomorrow.

Thank you for your patience!

Grateful Dead

The Grateful Dead posting bail, San Francisco, 1967

My first story for Rolling Stone was the Grateful Dead bust. The Dead put on this great press conference held appropriately where they lived and where they had been arrested. The band members sat across a table from the media. Along with the microphones, which were arranged between the band was a great big bowl of whipped cream which is visible in the pictures and which they threatened to throw at the media if any of them asked a stupid question. If you read the first issue of Rolling Stone you understand the band was making the point: “Why are you busting us? If you busted everybody who smokes pot in San Francisco you’re going to have no lawyers, you’re going to have no doctors, and you’re going to have no professionals of any kind because everybody smokes.” The band was quite adamant about it, and they were right of course.

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd, Casa Madrona Hotel, 1967, Sausalito, CA

A popular photograph of Pink Floyd  from Baron’s archive, this was taken at the Casa Madrona Hotel in Sausalito on Pink Floyd’s first trip to the States in 1967, but it was soon after, early in 1968, that they split with Syd Barrett. A confused Syd showed up to a few gigs even after that.

The Rolling Stones

Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, Day On The Green, Oakland Coliseum, CA, 1978

Publicity for the new book gathers momentum – not moss – and we’re enjoying great press coverage. Baron sold out of books to sign in Cleveland last week and we expect the same in LA tonight! Meanwhile ‘Shortlist’ magazine in the UK describes Baron’s book as “A must-have artefact from rock’s golden age.”

Big Brother And The Holding Company

Big Brother & The Holding Company, Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, 1968

Baron photographed Janis Joplin’s band Big Brother And The Holding Company as well as photographing her solo on a number of occasions – you can see why he loved hanging out with them. These group shots were taken at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco in 1968. Janis had just come from the dentist – you can see her holding her face but not quite covering that big smile.

Miles Davis

Miles Davis in Gleason’s Gym, New York City, 1969

Baron was lucky enough to not only shoot Miles with his better, more glamorous half, but also to follow him to Gleason’s gym, taking a few shots of Miles with his bright red 275 GTB Ferrari along the way. Davis tried to get Wolman into a bit of a workout, but Wolman declined. Read more and see more photos of the day spent with Davis in the book.

Frank Zappa & Groupies

Frank Zappa at home in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles, 1968

One collection of groupies we decided to photograph was the GTOs, a Frank Zappa project. Some were beautiful, some were exotic, some were eccentric. They were the Girls Together Outrageously or Occasionally or Orally, pretty much anything starting with an “O.” Zappa put them on stage and he produced an album with them (Permanent Damage) that is almost impossible to endure. There were seven GTOs: Miss Pamela, Miss Mercy, Miss Cynderella, Miss Christine, Miss Lucy, Miss Sparky and Miss Sandra.