The Rolling Stones Stage

View from the audience, The Rolling Stones, Day On The Green, Oakland Coliseum, CA, 1978.

On photographing the Stones at Day On The Green, Baron says in the book “The ‘big lips’ that comprised the set of the July 1978 concert were allegedly a birthday present from Bill (Graham) to the Stones, to Jagger, in particular. Mick was born on July 26, the date of the concert.For the record, this was the line-up for the day: Peter Tosh, Eddie Money, Santana, and The Rolling Stones. Not a bad afternoon of music. Ticket price: $12.50…!!!”

The Beat Goes On

At Gallery 270 this past weekend there was such a great turnout that we completely sold out of the books we’d brought along for signing! Baron’s adoring public have wiped him out!

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The Fotobaron, Gallery 270, Westwood, NJ © Olivia Taubner

Going Like Hot Cakes

Smoke bomb found on stage after the show, The Who, San Francisco, 1967

Baron is blowing up! News is just in from Amazon that the book has leaped 20,000 places up the ranks over night; it is also now #1 in Photojournalism, #1 in Portraits.

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Janis Joplin – Concert For One

Janis Joplin, Belvedere Street Studio, San Francisco, 1968

“I needed to get some color shots of Janis, but there were no concerts scheduled so she came to the studio… I don’t know what goes on in the head of performers; maybe they either perform or they don’t perform… As I recall Janis could not “not” perform, so for an hour she gave me the gift of a Janis Joplin live performance. I call it “The Concert For One.” I was taking pictures and she was singing just for me alone.”