Media Madness in Melbourne

Finished with his close-up. Baron © Norm Lurie

“It was two days of non-stop media here in Melbourne (a strikingly beautiful city). TV, Radio, Print – TV, Radio, Print. I’m lovin’ it but it’s wearing me down, I swear. Tonight I had a nice crowd at my presentation at Readings bookstore, and this is spite of it being a big night for Australian Rules Football at the local sports stadium. I promised the Readings attendees I would finish before the game started on TV. Tomorrow a couple of hours at Kirsty’s RAW Gallery then back to Sydney for the last lap in my 2011 trip down under.  Norm from Music Sales has worked me to the bone, and I’ve promised myself a return trip much sooner than later to see what I’ve been missing.”

ABC Radio Interview

Vicki and Marlene, “We’re With The Band,” San Francisco, 1969

Baron had a really great interview with ABC Australia breakfast host Fran Kelly yesterday.

For my own reasons, I chose to illustrate this post with two gorgeous naked women. Here’s their story from the book.

“Periodically bands would come to my home studio to be photographed. One particular band arrived with some beautiful young women (what else) in tow. I shot the photos of the musicians and when we were done the guys told the girls to get naked so I could photograph them all together. Two of the women also posed together for me alone; one of those shots turned out great, more than great, so the next day I took a print into Rolling Stone.

Everybody in the office also loved the shot and it was published in the next issue on the same page as the publishing information. That particular spot was always reserved for a unique horizontal photo, sometimes even without a caption – just an excellent picture speaking for itself. I loved that Jann had the audacity to run even nude photos for no reason other than they were first-rate pictures.”

Cosmic World Book Tour, Sydney Day 5!

A lazy morning in bed – laptop, Bella’s book, and my beloved sleep-mask.

“Had the morning off; you can’t imagine how much that means after endless hours of “performing” for the media and book buyers. Spent the morning in my oh-so-comfy hotel room in downtown Sydney, lounging in bed with a cup of Starbuck’s VIA instant coffee (you travelers out there, always take a few “tubes” of VIA along). Had time to do my nails, sew a button back on, read a bit of bad girl Bella’s autobiographical novel, answer some email, and just generally kick back. After signing about 50 books in the offices of Music Sales at noon I appeared on two rock radio stations and was interviewed by the Australian version of the AP.”

Waiting in a radio station “green room” that actually was green. © Norm Lurie

“This evening I gave my “soon-to-be-famous” illustrated talk at a local bookstore to a most appreciative audience. You should have seen (and I should have photographed) the young woman in the blue shoes – she was stunningly beautiful. Tomorrow on to Melbourne for more of the same including a scheduled appearance on a national TV show similar to “The View” in the US. They days are literally flying by. Stop the world, I wanna get off…”

The girl in the blue shoes.  Photo © Tali Udovich

Cosmic World Book Tour, Sydney Day 4

Media 101: Do not eat a poppy-seed bagel before a TV appearance!

“There I was, ready to appear on TV with little black seeds between my teeth. Couldn’t dislodge them with my tongue or my fingernail or by sloshing water around in my mouth. Fortunately, a roll of dental floss magically appeared and, voila, no more poppy-seeds. My guest appearance on RAGE, the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Company) long-running weekend music show is considered an honor. “You’re programming Rage? Wow, that is so cool – can’t wait to see your show.” With its large reputation I expected to find myself in a high-tech studio with all the bells and whistles of contemporary television broadcasting. Not the case. The RAGE set, such as it is, is in one of the ABC windowless offices and kind of looks like a teenager’s bedroom. One low-tech video camera, a sound boom, a wireless microphone and a single light comprised the show’s equipment. In advance I had been given a list of literally thousands of music videos, told to pick 63 of my favorites, and of those, to select 13 which I would personally introduce on camera to the audience wherever they happened to be throughout Australia. It was a memorable experience…

Then back to Blender for an afternoon of more video taping and sound recording, a full day of media appearances on behalf of my book. At the end my brain was fried, I was all talked out. Still, in its own way it’s a singular experience, especially noting how the various interviewers approach the same subject, namely, my classic rock photos and my new book. I’m not complaining, just sayin’…

Tomorrow more media and the first of three illustrated presentations, my “soon-to-be-famous” talk about living in the Haight-Ashbury during the Summer of Love and the early days of Rolling Stone. Pictures and stories coming to a bookstore near you; lots of pictures, lots of stories.”

Cosmic World Book Tour, Sydney Day 3

“Goodbye jet lag, hello fun! Last night, Saturday, Tali (Blender Gallery) treated us to a delicious dinner at the Bootleg, her boyfriend chef Rob Gal’s bistro. Great food and conversation and, of course, a few informal photos. This morning, Sunday, I appeared on the Channel 9 morning show, chattering away as usual and signing a book for the host. Spent the afternoon walking around the harbor area with my new friend Bella taking random pictures of the Opera House and boat activity on the water.”

Why we tour! Baron, Sofia, Melinda

The four Graces: Tali, Debbie Harry, Baron, Melinda

Channel 9 News

Baron only needs a touch as he prepares for his interview

“This morning, Sunday, I appeared on the Channel 9 morning show to talk about some of the musicians in the book, including The Who, AC/DC, and Johnny Cash (“…he was a complex human being.”)  Tomorrow, Monday, more TV (a show called RAGE, huge in Australia) then media media media in the afternoon. The PR we’re getting here for the book is amazing. Fact is, Australia is amazing – why did it take me so long to “discover” this country…???”

Interview time with Cam Williams on the Channel 9 morning show

Signing Cam’s copy of “The Rolling Stone Years”

Cosmic World Book Tour, Sydney Day 2

Jimi Hendrix, Sam Cutler, Baron,and Miles Davis pose for Blender Gallery director, Tali Udovich

“It’s a bit strange to see the leaves popping out on the trees here in Sydney’s spring, all fresh and bright green, while knowing those at home in Santa Fe are starting to show fall’s colors and will soon be dropping.

Sam Cutler, of the Rolling Stones, the Grateful Dead and Altamont fame, showed up for the book signing at Blender Gallery. I’d not seen Sam in ages – it was a delightful reunion. We traded books – he signed his for me, I signed mine for him. Sam has been living in Australia for several years; believe it or not, his home is a large bus. We reminisced and reminded one another that it was nice to both have lived in the sixties and to have survived them.”

Cosmic World Book Tour, Sydney Day 1

Word has traveled from the Southern to the Northern Hemisphere (more efficiently than Baron’s luggage making the journey down) and we bring you this report. “The private Friday evening exhibit opening and book signing at the Blender Gallery was a delight – lots of happy fans. Gallery director Tali Udovich put on a splendid party hosted by Norm Lurie of Music Sales Australia and a generous group of sponsors. Tomorrow (Saturday) is the official opening for the general public.  Can’t wait – bring them on!”

Book buyer Erin loves her signed copy of “The Rolling Stone Years”

Norm Lurie, Tali Udovich and Baron

Bree Chappelow and Amy Gates of Rolling Stone Australia

The Who Recording Tommy

The Who with Kit Lambert recording Tommy, IBC Studios, London, 1968

This book is packed full of behind-the-scenes gems. Here we find Baron in the studio while The Who record what will become the album ‘Tommy’. It’s 1968, Baron’s photographing George Harrison on this trip and it’s after this session with the Who that he went to visit Mick Jagger on the set of ‘Performance’.

Tucson Rocked On The Cosmic World Book Tour

Baron in full flow of his soon-to-be-famous visual presentation. © Morgan Wells

Baron sent this report from his weekend in Tucson.

“Had a great visit to southern Arizona. Everybody was so hospitable (and appreciative that once again I brought good weather with me – cooler temps and needed rain). Had a sold out and enthusiastic crowd to hear my lecture at the Tucson Art Museum and in spite of what seemed like a hurricane-strength downpour, a large crowd showed for the opening of the “Rockin’ The Desert” exhibit at the magnificent Etherton Gallery. Terry Etherton, the owner, supervised a wonderful arrangement of my and Lynn Goldsmith’s prints – the exhibit brought nothing but kudos from the attendees. Prior to the opening, we were treated to a delicious dinner in the restaurant below the gallery called “Downtown Kitchen + Cocktails” which also featured an impressive display of my photos. All in all it was a memorable visit and, yes, Tucson definitely rocks!!!”

Gallery owner Terry Etherton

Terry Etherton with Robert E. Knight, CEO of the Tuscon Art Museum, and his wife Jana