Cosmic World Book Tour, Sydney Day 2

Jimi Hendrix, Sam Cutler, Baron,and Miles Davis pose for Blender Gallery director, Tali Udovich

“It’s a bit strange to see the leaves popping out on the trees here in Sydney’s spring, all fresh and bright green, while knowing those at home in Santa Fe are starting to show fall’s colors and will soon be dropping.

Sam Cutler, of the Rolling Stones, the Grateful Dead and Altamont fame, showed up for the book signing at Blender Gallery. I’d not seen Sam in ages – it was a delightful reunion. We traded books – he signed his for me, I signed mine for him. Sam has been living in Australia for several years; believe it or not, his home is a large bus. We reminisced and reminded one another that it was nice to both have lived in the sixties and to have survived them.”