Cosmic World Book Tour, Sydney Day 5!

A lazy morning in bed – laptop, Bella’s book, and my beloved sleep-mask.

“Had the morning off; you can’t imagine how much that means after endless hours of “performing” for the media and book buyers. Spent the morning in my oh-so-comfy hotel room in downtown Sydney, lounging in bed with a cup of Starbuck’s VIA instant coffee (you travelers out there, always take a few “tubes” of VIA along). Had time to do my nails, sew a button back on, read a bit of bad girl Bella’s autobiographical novel, answer some email, and just generally kick back. After signing about 50 books in the offices of Music Sales at noon I appeared on two rock radio stations and was interviewed by the Australian version of the AP.”

Waiting in a radio station “green room” that actually was green. © Norm Lurie

“This evening I gave my “soon-to-be-famous” illustrated talk at a local bookstore to a most appreciative audience. You should have seen (and I should have photographed) the young woman in the blue shoes – she was stunningly beautiful. Tomorrow on to Melbourne for more of the same including a scheduled appearance on a national TV show similar to “The View” in the US. They days are literally flying by. Stop the world, I wanna get off…”

The girl in the blue shoes.  Photo © Tali Udovich