Cosmic World Book Tour at the US Embassy

Baron is reporting from Spain:

“Thanks to the Herculean efforts of LA gallery owner, Dan Miller, we found ourselves within the hallowed grounds of the US Embassy in Madrid.  What a delightful evening! And what a delightful couple – the US Ambassador to Spain, Alan Solomont and his wife Susan were the perfect hosts, and not only that, they love rock ‘n’ roll music (Susan is an admitted Dead Head!) and are serious collectors of fine photography. I gave a shortened version of my “soon-to-be-famous*” illustrated talk, presented a copy of The Rolling Stone Years to the Solomonts, and proceeded to scarf down the most delicious tapas imaginable from the Embassy kitchen. It was a very receptive audience that attended the evening soirée, including many Americans for whom the photos brought back memories of the halcyon days of the sixties. Three attendees were even actually at Woodstock! My love affair with Madrid continues…”

*now famous