En Route To Photoville

“Flew down the East River and in to the Big Apple at sunset (see the Statue of Liberty?) to continue my 75th birthday celebration, to hang with friends, and to make an appearance on a Photoville panel sponsored by Rock Paper Photo on which I and my pals Julie Grahame, Anna Webber and Ed Baum (of Rock Paper) discussed the complex issues facing music photographers in this day of restrictions and limited access. It was brutally hot; thank goodness Photoville had the presence of mind to erect a “misting tent.” Nevertheless, the discussion was fact filled, was well-received and could have gone on forever. Thanks to those who braved the heat to listen and ask questions.

Photoville itself is a terrific idea, bringing various photographic disciplines together in a creative manner (galleries exhibited their work in overseas shipping containers) in the middle of the relatively new Brooklyn Bridge Park, directly across from the tip of Manhattan and with an eye-level (as opposed to a bird’s eye) view of the Statue of Liberty. Only issue for me personally was the weather; I really don’t do well in high heat and humidity. I would have like to have visited more of the exhibits and will return next year if Photoville itself returns and the weather cooperates. By the way, I was told that later in the day as it cooled off, as the sun began to descend in the west and the lights of the City came on, the Photoville experience changed dramatically into a very magical moment. Wish I could have stayed to experience it…”