About Baron

Baron Wolman not only witnessed what is without a doubt the most important period of change in popular music and popular culture, but his photographs helped shape it. Rolling Stone magazine encapsulated and distilled the most important events and changes as they were taking place. Each issue would speak to this evolving youth culture in a language that was all its own and Baron’s photos captured the events and personalities, and visualized the music.
Baron Wolman

Baron Wolman in front of one of his iconic photographs of Jimi Hendrix © Lynn Lown

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  1. Congrats, Baron! These photos are excellent and important work! Glad they are getting another chance to live and to be seen by new generations!!

  2. Thanks, Michael. Wait until you see the book itself. Lots of text recounting the early years of Rolling Stone when I was working with the magazine. I call it “more than just a photo book.” See you soon, I hope. -baron

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