Cosmic World Book Tour, Sydney Day 2

Jimi Hendrix, Sam Cutler, Baron,and Miles Davis pose for Blender Gallery director, Tali Udovich

“It’s a bit strange to see the leaves popping out on the trees here in Sydney’s spring, all fresh and bright green, while knowing those at home in Santa Fe are starting to show fall’s colors and will soon be dropping.

Sam Cutler, of the Rolling Stones, the Grateful Dead and Altamont fame, showed up for the book signing at Blender Gallery. I’d not seen Sam in ages – it was a delightful reunion. We traded books – he signed his for me, I signed mine for him. Sam has been living in Australia for several years; believe it or not, his home is a large bus. We reminisced and reminded one another that it was nice to both have lived in the sixties and to have survived them.”

The Dream Team

Dave Brolan and Baron Wolman, Andrew Smith Gallery, August 2011 © Gabriella Marks

Here we find Baron with his editor Dave Brolan at a book-signing event in Santa Fe. Without Brolan’s determination to squeeze every last story out of Wolman and Wolman’s willingness to be squeezed, we wouldn’t have this wonderfully detailed record of such an important moment in music’s history. Thanks boys!

The Rolling Stone Years can be purchased here.

A fan checks her newly purchased book © Gabriella Marks

Going Like Hot Cakes

Smoke bomb found on stage after the show, The Who, San Francisco, 1967

Baron is blowing up! News is just in from Amazon that the book has leaped 20,000 places up the ranks over night; it is also now #1 in Photojournalism, #1 in Portraits.

You can buy one of unlimited regular edition hardbacks, a beauty in itself; or you may want to treat yourself to one of a premium or limited edition copy (comes with a print). All available here.

We also encourage to you to get the T shirt, take a rockin’ photo of yourself and let us know – we’ll put you here in the blog!

Janis Joplin – Concert For One

Janis Joplin, Belvedere Street Studio, San Francisco, 1968

“I needed to get some color shots of Janis, but there were no concerts scheduled so she came to the studio… I don’t know what goes on in the head of performers; maybe they either perform or they don’t perform… As I recall Janis could not “not” perform, so for an hour she gave me the gift of a Janis Joplin live performance. I call it “The Concert For One.” I was taking pictures and she was singing just for me alone.”

B.B. King

B.B. King, San Francisco, 1967

“B.B. King welcomed me into his inner circle like few others. He was ever so hospitable – “Want something to eat? Want something to drink?” Backstage with B.B. and his entourage I felt as if I was a guest at his home. I took B.B. King out to the Palace of the Legion of Honor in San Francisco where there is a copy of The Thinker, the famous statue by Rodin in the courtyard. I posed B.B. against this statue so that Lucille, his red guitar, and the arms of the sculpture are kind of parallel. It’s a beautiful shot but most people don’t quite understand what I was trying to do, what I meant by the slightly ironic juxtaposition.” Read more in the book.

Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell at home, Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles, 1968

Excerpt about the beautiful Joni Mitchell – buy the book to read more!

“Joni’s lyrics are neither simple nor simplistic; they’re complex and soulful and usually reach the heart of the matter. Joni is also a skilled painter; you can see her work on her website. But unlike other would-be musician-painters she refuses to market or sell them at all. I admire her for that although I would love to publish a book of her paintings; that would be one good way to share them without selling them.”

On The Set Of Odd Thomas

L: Eric Amundsen; R: Mitch Amundsen. On set, July 25th, 2011. All images © Baron Wolman

The feature film “ODD THOMAS” is currently being shot in Santa Fe. The name is not the odd part – for me there were several unexpected and odd coincidences. First, Eric Amundsen, the film crew’s Digital Imaging Technician emailed me about the possibility of buying a copy of “The Rolling Stone Years” in Santa Fe. He had seen the photo of Janis Joplin playing pool in her Larkspur, California home in the summer double issue of Rolling Stone. We exchanged emails and Eric invited me to the set to watch the filming. Second, the location was the radio studios of Hutton Broadcasting here in Santa Fe, the offices of which are decorated with my photographs! Third, it turns out that Eric and his brother Mitch, the film’s Director of Photography, “were raised in Larkspur [California], played pool on Janis’s table in West Baltimore, listened to lots of San Francisco music and stared at your pictures.” And I lived for years in Mill Valley, the town directly adjacent to Larkspur.

It was fascinating to watch the movie being made, in particular because this movie is being shot entirely digitally. The lenses look the same, the cameras don’t. I exchanged “war” stories with the crew over the catered lunch, then watched how Eric works with the huge digital files, and began to understand how they are managed and transmitted. All fascinating stuff. Everybody on the set was hugely hospitable. Now I think I want to make a movie. Is this a great world or what…!!!

Smokey Robinson

Smokey Robinson, Bimbo’s 365 Club, San Francisco, 1968

Smokey Robinson thrilled Baron and the rest of the audience when he sang ‘Tracks Of My Tears’ at Bimbo’s in San Francisco. Rolling Stone Magazine places ‘Tracks’ as number 50 of the 500 greatest songs.

Backstage at Bimbo’s

Smokey, one of the greatest R&B singers of all time, in his dressing-room before the show.

Cosmic World Book Tour In LA

Continuing the Cosmic World Book Tour in Los Angeles, Klara, one of Baron’s fans, cozies up to the chief, no doubt elated by her purchase of a signed copy or two of “The Rolling Stone Years.” You, too, can touch Baron, just keep an eye on our tour dates!

This shot was taken with the Instax Mini, Fuji’s great little instant camera. Baron scanned the print himself.

Jim Marshall

Jim Marshall, Oakland, 1970

One night at Newport, Jim and I were both shooting at an outdoor stage. It was crystal clear with a full bright moon hanging overhead, a perfect summer night, a night I’ll never forget. I looked up and said, “Jim, think about it. Those mother-fuckers are walking on the moon right now while we’re shooting this concert. It was July 20, 1969 and Neil Armstrong was up there in the sky talking about “one small step for man…” Had you asked Jim, he would have told you how time suddenly stood still for us and what an amazing moment that was.”