48 Hours in the City of Angels

Baron in action © Jean Fruth

On Thursday evening I had the honor of speaking at Los Angeles’ Annenberg Space for Photography in conjunction with their current photography exhibit, “Who Shot Rock.” It was an enthusiastic crowd – well, nobody got up and left, so I guess that’s something. Following the Q&A session the Annenberg sold, and I signed, copies of “The Rolling Stone Years” until they were sold out.

Earlier in the day I visited the enormous 24 foot version of my “Multiplex” image which, thanks to Sam Milgrom of the Mr. Musichead Gallery on Sunset Boulevard, had been installed front and center in the Andaz Hotel, also on Sunset Boulevard. The Andaz is the former Continental Hyatt House, temporary home to many classic rockers and beyond…fondly known as the Continental “Riot” House following visits by some of the more rowdy bands. After the speech and book signing, at the suggestion of Daniel Miller of the Duncan Miller Gallery, we dined in downtown LA at Umami Burger where the noise was too loud and the burgers too good.  All in all it was a terrific quick trip to the City of Angels.

Baron in front of a super-sized ‘Multiplex‘ © Jean Fruth

Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell at home, Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles, 1968

Excerpt about the beautiful Joni Mitchell – buy the book to read more!

“Joni’s lyrics are neither simple nor simplistic; they’re complex and soulful and usually reach the heart of the matter. Joni is also a skilled painter; you can see her work on her website. But unlike other would-be musician-painters she refuses to market or sell them at all. I admire her for that although I would love to publish a book of her paintings; that would be one good way to share them without selling them.”

Frank Zappa & Groupies

Frank Zappa at home in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles, 1968

One collection of groupies we decided to photograph was the GTOs, a Frank Zappa project. Some were beautiful, some were exotic, some were eccentric. They were the Girls Together Outrageously or Occasionally or Orally, pretty much anything starting with an “O.” Zappa put them on stage and he produced an album with them (Permanent Damage) that is almost impossible to endure. There were seven GTOs: Miss Pamela, Miss Mercy, Miss Cynderella, Miss Christine, Miss Lucy, Miss Sparky and Miss Sandra.

Tiny Tim

Tiny Tim, Los Angeles, 1968

Baron will make one stop in Los Angeles on the Cosmic World Book Tour on July 14th. Hosted by the Duncan Miller Projects Gallery, Baron will be signing copies of the Rolling Stone Years book.

The book is packed with personal stories. We’re sharing snippets here to encourage you to buy it!  “I was worried about how this session might turn out. Tiny was a mercurial eccentric, as eccentric as Zappa but in a different way, so we had to figure out a way to put him at ease; you don’t put Tiny at ease the way you put somebody else at ease, right? So we bought a bouquet of daisies and said, ‘Tiny this is for you,’ and he went crazy, he held them to his chest and he kept smiling and thanking us, smiling and thanking.”